The practice of the Lotus Sutra
lies in these 24 characters
uttered by Bodhisattva Jofukyo
I respect you deeply.
I do not despise you, not even a little,
nor look down on you with contempt,
for you have the capacity to become a Buddha
of Namu-myoho-renge-kyo if you but believe
in the Law of Namu-myoho-renge-kyo and practice it.
Translated and edited by Udumbara Foundation volunteers
Nichiren Daishonin often cites the story of Bodhisattva Jofukyo, which appears in
chapter 20 of the Lotus Sutra, to illustrate the Buddhist principle of realizing
Buddhahood through
reverse relationship, which indicates that even those who
oppose this Buddhism can, after hearing of it, still be saved.
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