Question:  What are shoten-zenjin (Buddhist gods)?

Rev. Hirota: Shoten-zenjin are occurrences that are not humanly possible, can't be seen
and are not scientifically explained. They are inexplicable phenomena that occur. In
Buddhism, first there is the Law, then the Buddha. What protects the Law and the Buddha
are s
hoten zenjin.

Christianity teaches that God is above all, even above the law. There are also some
Christian schools that teach that Christ is the law. This is true in some Buddhisms too, such
 Nembutsu and Zen, which teach that the law and Buddha are the same. So in these
religions Buddha or God are the central focus.

By contrast, in
Nichiren Daishonin's true Buddhism, there is the Law that exists and it is
first and foremost. The person who realizes this Law becomes a  Buddha. The Buddha
teaches that he achieved Buddhahood by believing in the Law. Therefore, in order for
others to realize Buddhahood they should practice as the Buddha did, believing in and
practicing the Law. The Law is central. The
shoten-zenjin are ancillary forces of nature.
By Reverend Raidou Hirota
Translated and edited by Udumbara Foundation volunteers
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