SEPTEMBER 15, 2001
I am chanting a lot of Daimoku for those who died at
the hands of terrorists at the World Trade Center in
New York, at the Pentagon in Washington and in the
airplane crash in Pennsylvania. Moreover, I chant with
utter sadness for the families left behind.
Terrorism threatens the entire world.
I believe this war is different from wars of the past. This war, said to be a "holy war,"
is a war full of hatred and retaliation.
There can be no peace in the world with a religion that totally denies the rights and
beliefs of others, and justifies as righteous the killing of anyone whose opinion and belief
is different from their own. Such a religion can not even save one person, let alone
achieve peace in the world. This is because all of us in the world come from different
cultures, have different lifestyles and different ways of thinking. [A closed-minded,
xenophobic religion is intolerant of these differences.] Religions which are dogmatic and
full of hatred, such as the religion of the terrorists, are "low" teachings and are savage
and unsuitable for this world. Through their doctrine they can not learn the true value of
life. Neither can they, through their doctrine, realize that life is eternal.
The true teaching of the Lotus Sutra expounds that one must accept and respect all life in
the universe for the inherent Buddha nature that is present in all things. If you correctly
practice and understand this true teaching, then you can not hate, [it is not in you]. The
Law will permeate your life and will dissolve any thoughts or desire for retaliation. This is
how peace is achieved.
Don't be influenced by the thinking and determination of others, or by the current in
society and you country. You must conduct yourself and live your life according to the
true, original Law of the Lotus Sutra. Eventually, everyone must wake up to the true Law.
By Reverend Raido Hirota
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the Nichiren Shoshu Shoshin-kai
Translated and edited by Udumbara Foundaiton staff

In Memory of the WTC